Wednesday, 4 November 2009

WEEK 4 / SEMANA 4 (3-5- NOV)

1º C:

- Finalizamos la lección 2B y realizamos la lección 2C

* ¡Traed fotos de vuestra familia para el lunes!

1º F:

- Finalizamos la lección 2C y comenzamos la lección 2D
- Homework: Grammar bank (p. 125), extra-grammar activity 2D, File test 1
* ¡Traed fotos de vuestra familia para el lunes!

2º C:

- We finished lesson 2b and we did lesson 2C
-Homework:Grammar bank (p.127), extra-grammar activity 2C, extra activity (questions with and without auxiliaries), Reading (page 22), File test 1, WRITING: 'My last holiday'

2º E:
- Irregular Verbs exam
- Homework: Reading (p. 21), File test 1, WRITING: 'My Last Holiday'
* Don't forget to bring some interesting photos to tell your classmates about them on Monday!

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