Sunday, 11 April 2010

Week 22 ( 6th-9th April)

- Revision of 2nd Term Exam
- We started unit 6, lesson 6A
- Homework: Reading page. 66

1º F:
- Revision of 2nd Term Exam
- Practical English (unit 5)
- We started unit 6, we did lesson 6A and we started lesson 6B.
- Homework: Reading p. 66, Grammar bank p 136 6A, 6B, extra grammar activities 6A, 6B, SPEAKING: My House (for Thursday)

2º C:
- Revision of 2nd Term Exam
- We finished lesson 5B and we did lesson 5C
- Homework: Grammar bank p. 135 5C, extra grammar activity 5C, Reading p. 59

2º E:
- We finished lesson 5B
- Homework: Grammar bank p. 135, extra grammar activity 5B, Reading p. 56, WRITING: What makes you feel good?

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