Monday, 30 January 2012

Week 18 23rd - 26th January


      Tuesday, 24th January

     - We started lesson 3B (Reading and Vocabulary)
     - Homework: Writing: Short description of the members of your family

     - Language assistant: ORAL PRESENTATIONS : AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND.  Signs to practice modal verbs and presentation about 'Manners in the USA'

      Thursday, 26th January

    - We finished lesson 3B (Pronunciation,Grammar and Listening)
    -We did and extra listening to practice for the exam.
    - Homework: Grammar bank on page 135 and extra grammar activity 3B


     Monday, 23rd January

    -We did lesson 3C (Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation and Listening)
    - Homework: Grammar bank on page 135, extra grammar activity 3C, extra vocabulary activity 3C, Reading on page 46.

       Wednesday, 15th January

      - VIDEO ACTIVITY: 'Elizabeth. The Virgin Queen'  (Comprehension activities)

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