Monday, 13 February 2012

Week 20 6th-9th February

   Tuesday, 7th February

     - We finished lesson 3C (Vocabulary and Listening)
     - Language assisstant: Power Point Presentation (Deducing) Speaking on page 45
     - Homework: Reading on page 47 and Revise and Check on pages 50 and 51

  Thursday, 9th February

    - We finished Unit 3 (Writing and Practical English)
    - We did a listening test and listened to a song: 'You can get it if you really want'
    - Homework: Writing on page 49, File test 3 and revise Unit 3 for the Quicktest next Thursday!

  Monday, 6th February 

   - We started Unit 4 (Listening and Vocabulary + photocopies)
   - Homework: Extra vocabulary activity 4A

  Wednesday, 8th February

   - We did Quicktest 3 and Listening test 3 + Past tense test (written and pronunciation)
   - Language assisstant: Writing (Diary Entry) and VIDEO 3 (Cars and Driving)
  Friday, 10th February

   - We practised for the speaking exam (cards related to unit 3)

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