Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Key to Lookback on p. 90 - ADVANCED LEVEL

1A  sketch show, sitcom, the news, costume drama, quiz, serial, documentary, detective series, game show, current affairs programme, soap opera, reality show, thriller, wildlife programme.

1B   Laugh: sketch show, sitcom, reality show, game show
       Learn something: documentary, current affairs programme, quiz, docudrama
       Just relax and watch real people: reality show, game show
       Catch up on the news: current affairs programme, the news
       Test your knowledge: quiz

2A  1 both     2 neither   3 quite a few   4 a little   5 hardly any   6 neither   7 every   8 each   9 several   10 a few

3A  1. Last week, an interviewer asked me what my biggest weakness was.
      2. The other day, a complete stranger walked up to me and asked what I'd been doing lately.
      3. Once, I was trying on trousers and the shop assisstant asked if I would like / wanted to try a bigger size.
      4. Every day, my flatmate asks me to do the dishes and then says he'll do them next time.
      5. At the end of a first date, the girl asked me when I wanted to get married.
      6. At 3a.m., my phone rang and the person asked if I was sleeping

4A  2. making   3. to lend   4. going   5. to pay   6. for being   7. to quit   8. on paying   9. of being   10. to do

5A  1. so   2. so   3. very   4. the   5. the   6. she

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