Monday, 21 October 2013

Recommended Readers -Intermediate Level-

    • 1st TERM: (Choose one from the following) Reading and Speaking. TRAVEL GUIDE
      • Ireland’ Tim Vicary. Stage 2. Oxford Bookworms
      • Australia and New Zealand’ Christine Lindop. Stage 3. Oxford B.
      • The USA’ Alison Baxter. Stage 3. Oxford Bookworms
      • Scotland’ Richard MacAndrew. Level 3. Cambridge Readers

    • 2nd TERM: (Choose one from the following) Reading and Listening.
      • The Great Gatsby’ F. Scott Fitzgerald. Intermediate Level. Macmillan Readers
      • Strangers on a Train’ Patricia Highsmith. Level 4. Penguin

    • 3rd TERM: Choose one book from the library. Reading and Writing. BOOK REVIEW

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