Monday, 10 March 2014

ADVANCED LEVEL 1: Key to reading on page 62

b.   A. 8   B. 7   C. 6   D. 3   E. 4   F. 2   G. 1   H. 5

d. Fidgeting: Keep moving, e.g. your hands and feet, because you are nervous or bored
    Tapping: Hitting somebody or something quickly and lightly
    Clasped: hold something tightly in your hand
    Index finger: the finger next to your thumb (you use it to point at something or somebody)
    Strokes: moves hand gently over a surface, usually several times
    Ear lobes: the soft parts at the bottom of your ears
    A lock: a few hairs that hang or lie together on your head
    Tuck their hair behind their ears: to push their hair so that it is held in place
    Rubbing (your eyes): moving your hand backwards and forwards over something while pressing firmly

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