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Key to Grammar on page 68

b. THree of them would like to leave home
c. 1 Carlos   2 Andrea   3 Marco   4 Vivienne
d. 1 the past simple   2 the conditional form (would + infinitive)   3 a: a situation they are imagining

Key to Reading on page 70

a. Tchaikovsky was from Russia and was a composer of classical music
b. a: his bedroom (photo 3)   b: the sitting room and study (photo 2)   c: the garden (photo 1)
d. 1: Maidanovo: the village where Tchaikovsky rented a small house after leaving Moscow; it was too full of tourists and visitors and this is why he later moved to the house in Klin
2: The Pathetique symphony: he wrote it in the house in Klin
3. Alexei: he was Tchaikovsky´s servant and lived on the ground floor of the house
4: Lilies of the valley: Tchaikovsky's brother planted thousands of lilies in the garden after Tchhaikovsky's death as he adored flowers, particularly lilies of the valley.
5: Doroshenko: he was an anarchist who lived in Tchaikovsky's house after the Bolshevik revolution
6: The International Thcikovsky Competition: the winner goes to Klin, plays on Tchaikovsky's piano, and plants a tree in his garden

e. 1 tidy   2 remain   3 overlooking   4 hanging   5 turn into   6 plain   7 property   8 bookcase

Key to Reading on page 45

b. 1c   2b   3b   4a   5a
c. 1 the right decisions   2 fast   3 the rules   4 the execptions   5 with the ball   6 typical superstar

Key to Reading on page 48

b. Because Michael changed his working hours from daytime to night-time
c. 2A   3H   4F   5B   6E   7I   8D   9C   10J
d. 1 shifts   2 a commuter   3 cute   4 it turned out   5 runs   6 likely   7 a candle   8 exchange a few words   9 their eyes met   10 found the courage

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