Friday, 25 September 2015

Key to Reading on page 5 (Intermediate Level)

4a. Carbohydrates: cake, pasta
      Proteins: chicken, salmon

 Carbohydrates: bread, potatoes, rice, cereal, etc.
Proteins: beef, tuna, eggs, cheese, etc.

4c. The title means that certain foods can affect your mood - how you think and feel.

b. for lunch before an exam or meeting: proteins
for breakfast: proteins
for your evening meals: carbohydrates
if you are stressed: carbohydrates


1. Dr. Paul Clayton is a food expert from Middlesex University. He says that our brains are affected by the things we eat and drink, and that some foods affect how we think and feel.

2. People on diets often begin to feel depressed after two weeks because they are eating fewer carbohydrates and carbohydrates make us feel happy

3. Schoolchildren who have proteins for breakfast do better at school, because proteins make us feel awake and focussed.

4. Paul and Terry are former British chess champions. In an experiment they did before a match, Paul had a plate of prociutto and salad and Terry had pasta with a creamy sauce. In the chess match Terry felt sleepy and took longer than Paul to decide what moves to make.

5. Nightclub owners in Bournemouth give their clients free chocolate at the end of the night to help reduce violent incidents. The sugar gives people energy and makes them feel good.


stress, stressful, stressed
relax, relaxed
wake, awake
sleep, sleepy
power, powerful
violence, violent
oil, oily

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