Monday, 23 November 2015

Key to Reading on page 30 - Intermediate Level -

b. some nappies, wet wipes, a first-aid kit, bibs, a dummy, a baby food jar, a baby bottle, a baby spoon, a changing mat, an adult's car/house keys, a powered milk tin, a flannel, a jar of nappy cream, a small packet of tissues, a thermometer

c.  1. Because when his first child was born, he had absolutely no idea how to look after him, and he wanted to help other men in this situation

     2. It is written like a military training manual, with very precise instructions and it includes diagrams

d.   1. F   2. T   3. F   4. F   5. T   6. T   7. F   8. F

e.   1. Miranda is younger than Stephen. She is three  and a half months old and he is four months old
      3. Stephen's father recommends earplugs
      4. Stephen's father has read Commando Dad
      7. 'Base Camp' means the baby's bedroom
      8. The author of Commando Dad thinks that women are only better than men when the baby is ill

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