Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Key to Reading on page 25 - Basic Level 2

a.    The article mentions four ways of creating new words:

1. by combining two words
2. by changing nouns into verbs
3. by adopting foreign words
4. from the names of brands or companies

b. 1 toy boy   2 to text   3 barista   4 road rage   5 latte   6 gastropub

c.  emoticon - a symbol which expresses or shows a feeling, e.g. happy or sad
     to tweet - to write something on Twitter
     iPod - something which people use to listen to music which they download from the internet
     to google - to look for intomation on the internet using Google
    Wifi - a way of getting the internet without cables
     ringtone - the sound a mobile makes when it rings
     smartphone - a mobile phone which also has internet

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