Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Key to Listening on page 65 - Intermediate Level

b.    1   eight weeks
       2   His aim was to improve the boys' reading age by six months
       3   i to make the work feel like play
            ii competition
            iii to allow the boys to take risks

c.    1 The boys spent a lot of time outside and did physical education every day before normal lessons began

       2 Gareth tried to involve the boys' parents as much as possible in their education

       1 A school debating competition
       2 A reading 'World Cup'
       3 A play

d. The school debating competition: the boys lost, but they wanted to do it again

    The reading 'World Cup': this really motivated the boys

    The play: it was a great success

e. All of the boys' reading has improved by six months and some of them has advanced the equivalent of two years

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