Friday, 8 April 2016

LISTENING HOMEWORK - Intermediate Level

Dear students,

Here you have the listening homework to do for Monday, 11th April.

TOPIC: Parents-to-be

These three people are all expecting children. Listen to them talk about what their children might be like.
Try to answer these questions while you listen:
  • Who is good at maths and science?
  • What is the name of Sue's husband's grandfather?
  • Who has ginger hair?

Time for a grammar recap...

We use the first conditional to talk about possible future situations (or 'conditions') and their possible results. We use if with present simple to talk about a possible future situation, and will with an infinitive to talk about its possible result.
If I visit London, I'll stay with friends.
We can use when instead of if to show that the future situation is definitely going to happen. We can use modals (may, might) instead of will if we are less certain of the result.
- Listen to the audio again and pay attention to the uses of the first conditional.

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