Friday, 20 May 2016

Key to Reading and Listening on pages 80 and 81 - Intermediate Level


a.    1. They are very successful business people
       2. The room where they meet the contestants
       3. The contestants make a presentation to the 'Dragons', who then ask them questions and decide whether or not to invest in the contestants' business

b.  1 C    2 A    3 A    4 C    5 B    6 C

e.  1. to run (a business) = to be in charge of (a business)
        to run (a marathon) = to move using your legs, going faster than when you walk

     2. to be fired = to lose your job
         to fire = to shoot a bullet from a gun

     3. a market for something = demand (a number of people who want to buy something)
         a market = the open area or building where people sell vegetables, etc.

     4. a company = a business organisation that makes money by producing or selling goods or services
         good company = pleasant to be with


a.  The aquatina bottle can be flattened and put in your pocket, so you can take it with you and fill it with water whenever you want

    The frozen dessert is a healthy alternative to ice cream and doesn't contain any sugar, milk or gluten or anything that could be a problem for people with allergies

c. The Dragons invested  in Kirsty's desserts. They thought people can use any empty water bottle and refill it, you don't need to buy one specially, and they couldn't believe that it would ever make any money. They thought that there was definitely a market for Kirsty's product

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