Friday, 18 November 2016


Hi students!!

Here you can write about the highlights of a travel experience. (Using Inversion)

Have a very good weekend!!

Your teacher


  1. Hello!
    One of the greater travel experiences that I have had in my life was in France five years ago. I planned with a friend a 15-day trip around this country. Not in a thousand years would I imagined how amazing is to travel with a InterRail pass. We were students at that moment and as you can imagine, we couldn’t affort to spend a lot of money. Fortunately there are many options to make a trip awesome. No way can I forget how much I enjoyed staying in different host families for free. Sounds weird, but it is possible nowadays thanks to the CouchSurfing website, where travelers can meet new people and stay with local host for free (the only requirement is to offer your house to other travelers).
    Not after our return did we realize how much the low-cost journey worth.

  2. During my last year as zoologist student I spent one month in Morocco. Only after I returned did I realise the great adventures that I had. It wasn't a common trip, actually it was an experience full of stories, spending nights in tents, modest hotels and even in 'jaimas' made with camels leather.
    One of the most incredible experience that I remember was sleep out in the desert. The sky was plenty of stars and the silence was so deep that you could hear your own heart beating. Had I know it earlier, I would have spent more nights sleeping out of doors, because you could feel the real nature around you. But, one thing to keep in mind, scorpions are very active during nights, and they prefer live in the hot sand of the desert ;)

  3. When I was fifteen I was in Holland with my classmates. It was a fantastic experience, not in a million years did I think camping sites could be so luxurious. We arrived at night and the following day only when we saw the jacuzzi can we notice how luxurious it was. Never have I enjoy in a campsite. Only in Holland was it possible to have a theme park inside the camping site!!

  4. Hi teacher!
    One of my impressive experience, it happened 20 years ago ( Jesus! how quickly runs the time) when I travelled for the first time to Australia. I was so excited but not in a million years would I imagine that it was going to be a very very long trip. As soon as the plane reached the blue sky above the white clouds, the turbulences started. The journey was terribly eventful. Thus my brain wasn't calm either. I have had quiet a lots of silly thoughts like if the plane crashs... Fortunately the pilot was skilled and he managed to land off the aircraft without any problems. Never before was I thrilled and relieved to get off the plane.

  5. Hello!
    Only by chance had I the opportunity of doing one of the most interesting trips I have ever done. It is said that unplanned activities are sometimes the most successful in the end and, in fact, that was what happened to me.

    Some friends of mine had arranged a trip to ski in La Mongie, in the French Pyrenees. I had not any plan for that holiday week and on the spur of the moment, I decided to join them.

    Never could I have thought such a wonderful week I would spend there. The weather conditions were splendid, the facilities were really good and the excellent mood among us was the best.