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Key to Listening on page 65

b. 1. eight weeks
    2. His aim was to improve the boy's reading age by six months
    3. i. to make the work feel like play
        ii. competition
        iii. to allow the boys to take risks

c. 1. The boys spent a lot of time outside and did physical education every day before normal lessons began
    2. Gareth tried to involve the boys' parents as much as possible in their education
    1. A school debating competition
    2. A reading 'World Cup'
    3. A play

d. The school debating competition: the boys lost, but they wanted to do it again
    The reading 'World Cup': this really motivated the boys
    The play: it was a great success

e. All of the boys' reading had improved by six months and some of them had advanced the equivalent of two years

Key to Grammar on page 66

b. Olivia
1. She is sure she has passed, but she is worried about her grades
2. She gets her results tomorrow by post
3. She doesn't want to plan any celebrations until she gets the results
4. She wants to study medicine at Cambridge University
5. She will do another year at school and take the exams again

1. He thinks he has passed and he is quite optimistic
2. In two weeks' time in the post
3. He will go out for dinner with his girlfriend
4. He wants to work as an air traffic controller
5. He will carry on studying and take the exam again as soon as he can

c. 1. I get at least three As
    2. The post comes
    3. I get the results
    4. My parents will kill me
    5. I can

d. Olivia got an A in chemistry and biology, but only a B in physics and a C in maths. She is going to see if she can get a place at another university. If she can't, she''ll probably retake her A Levels again next year.
Tomasz got a 7. He's going to celebrate by going to his favourite restaurant with his girlfriend

Key to Reading and Speaking on page 67

a. A 'tiger mother' is a very strict mother, who makes her children study very hard and doesn't really allow them any free time. She wants her children to be the best in everything

b.   2. E   3. G   4. H    5. B    6. D    7. F    8. A

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